• Master the basics of angling the Maldivian way during an evening of sunset fishing
  • Reel in your personal catch of the day and enjoy a campfire-style beach barbecue

Now that the sun is getting low in the sky, it must be time to head to the resort’s traditional dhoni for an evening of sunset fishing. Even if you don’t know your way around a fishing pole, by the time you’ve reached the nearby reef, the ever-so-patient staff will have briefed you on the basics of angling the Maldivian way: with a hand-reel line (which we think is an awfully useful skill to have). On the “menu” tonight? Local snapper, grouper, and tuna. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how easily you’ll secure your personal catch of the day. With your Instagram photo captured and with stars beginning to dot the inky sky, you’ll glide back to the resort. Next, do as the locals do and request a campfire-style beach barbecue. Your catch will be marinated using lonu mirus (a spicy paste of chilis, lime, and herbs, all grown on the island) then grilled over an open flame. An icy cold coconut water is the ideal accompaniment. Can you think of anything better?