• ​Make dumplings and handmade pulled noodles with celebrity chef Jereme Leung
  • Master the art of folding dim sum wrappers, then enjoy your delicious creations
  • Do it all in an open kitchen facing the Indian Ocean

Celebrity chef Jereme Leung is counted among the best chefs in China. Former International Herald Tribune food critic Patricia Wells even went so far as to call him a “genius.” Leung’s plump xiao long bao dumplings, pancakes stuffed with minced pork and preserved vegetables, and signature handmade pulled noodles are on the menu each day at Ufaa, or “happiness” in local parlance. What you won’t see on the menu is the chance to learn how to make those dishes yourself from one of Leung’s expertly trained chefs. So, while clouds burst outside—this is the tropics, after all—you’ll be protected in a massive open-sided kitchen, feet in the sand, learning the secret balance between shrimp and scallops in Leung’s legendary shumai, or how to pull noodles like a pro for the ultimate braised beef brisket dao xiao mian. After you’ve nailed the art of folding dim sum wrappers and have slurped your final noodle, the clouds will have cleared in time for your afternoon snorkel.