• Gaze at the Milky Way and stare across clear skies to see stunning constellations
  • With your feet in the sand, recline and relax at a world-class astro-tourism site

Near-zero light pollution here in South Ari Atoll and a calendar full of clear skies makes your villa a world-class venue for stargazing, nearly on par with the Atacama Desert in northern Chile or the Arctic Circle, both meccas for astro-tourism. After dinner but before climbing under the covers of your cushy pillow-top bed, recline on your deck chairs or on the still-warm sand and stare at the Milky Way overhead. Even to the naked eye, the skies above Rangali and Rangalifinolhu are clear enough to count shooting stars and to see the major constellations including Orion and Ursa Major, albeit at slightly different orientation than in the northerly latitudes. For those who can’t tell the North Star from the Southern Cross, download the Star Walk app, an interactive guide which turns even newbies into experienced astronomers.